10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

For me, social media is all about creating a connection with people near and far! While I have so much more planned for the future in the way of lifestyle, fitness, fashion, and food, today I’m sharing ten fun facts! I feel like I’ve been asked about this for a while, and you know what they say… There’s no time like the present!

1. I was born in South Korea and adopted! I lived there for about four months before I was adopted and came over to the states to unite with my forever family. Other than the few small details that my parents were told, I know nothing about my birth mother or father. As I’ve gotten older though, I am so incredibly thankful to them for what must have been a difficult decision! Placing me up for adoption was so selfless, and I will always be thankful for that.

2. I can’t make it through a scary movie to save my life. I am seriously the biggest wimp when it comes to anything even remotely scary! Give me a romantic comedy or musical any day though!

3. I danced for 19 years! From around the age of 3 until I graduated college, I took dance classes. I even got the chance to study at The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater as part of their Professional Division!

4. I competed in the Miss America Organization! A girlfriend of mine had been competing and winning titles for a few years, and kept pushing me to take the plunge. I guess she saw the potential in me before I did! Once I did, there was no looking back. I was lucky enough to hold one local title and got to compete at Miss Michigan!

5. Exclamation points are my jam!! I probably overuse them, but oh well. Life is too short to not get excited about the little things!

6. 2017 was the biggest year for me thus far! I got to marry my best friend, welcomed a sweet Australian Shepherd puppy to our little family (Ailey), and moved several states away from family! My husband is also in the Army, so it was a whole new ball game of things to learn.

7. My family means the most to me. I grew up living in the same city as most of my cousins, aunts, and uncles. We were in the same schools, same recreational sports teams. I even had an aunt and one of my cousins for teachers! So I knew early on that family was something to cherish. For now, my little family is just my husband, pup, and myself.

8. First I drink the coffee, and then I do the things. With one look at my Instagram you can see that I really like my coffee! Most days it’s just a cup made at home, but once in a while I shake things up with a latte or hot cup of tea.

9. I can say the alphabet backwards. This is not super useful ever, but it always gets my niece and nephew giggling!

10. Food is the way to my heart! There’s just always been something about nourishing the body with good food and the soul with good company that I’ve always loved. Some of my best memories revolve around meals I’ve shared with people!

Do we have any random facts in common? Let me know down below!