When God Wrecks Your Plans

If you would have asked me a year ago if this is where my life would be, I would have said “Absolutely not!”. I had the next few years planned out, or at least as much of a plan as you can have with the military.

Sometimes God wrecks our plans before they can wreck us, and that’s exactly what He did with mine.

John 13:7 says, “You do not understand what I am doing now, but someday you will.”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve cried out to God asking all the questions; Why is this happening? What can I do to stop it? Will this ever end? How am I going to make it through? The biggest question of all has remained though; What now?

Now that certain things have happened and the plan I had for life is no longer an option, what now?

You see, in my mind I had two options; let myself be thrown all around or I could choose to get off the ride and walk away. If you know me you know thatI am loyal to a fault! If I’m being honest, there are still times I struggle so hard to find the strength to keep walking.

I can’t control others, but I can control myself. Right now, in this season of life, walking away is the best thing I can do not only for myself but also for Kaz.

2 Kings 4:1-7 tells of a woman that found herself in the darkest valley she’d ever encountered. She wasn’t sure how she was going to make it out.

If I learned anything from this woman and her story, it’s to keep pouring and have faith, especially when it seems like you’re running on fumes.

God always provides, even if its not in the way we were praying or hoping for. No matter how little I think I have left to offer, God is making a way.

He needed to wreck my plans now because as badly as it hurts now, it would have been worse had things kept going the way they were.

I know I haven’t been brought this far to only have been brought this far!

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